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Nekonny (real name Ronaldo "Ron" Rodrigues, born March 5)[1][2] is a furry artist who lives in Florida, originally from São Paulo, Brazil.[1]


Nekonny is author of Caribbean Blue, a webcomic that follows the adventures of a trio of catgirls on a tropical island, and of iMew, another webcomic centered on a girl who buys an off-brand smartphone that gives her nekomimi features when she tries to use it. Nekonny himself features in Caribbean Blue, as the girls' formerly-human pet cat. Nekonny is also the author of a new webcomic - that is still being created - Paprika which is centered around one of the catgirls from Caribbean Blue and her life in a city. All three webcomics are hosted on The Katbox, a website on which Nekonny is a forum moderator.


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