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Nazi Furs is a furry community who harbor an interest in WWII era Germany for historical, militaristic, strategic, living history, reenactment or fetish reasons. Their first solid presence was through the establishment of a LiveJournal community in March of 2005.


The Nazi Furs are not a hate group, per se, and do not necessarily embrace Hitler's doctrine, nor do they necessarily support hate groups of any kind, even though espousing interest in such a polemical concept has been a center of controversy since the groups' inception. The LiveJournal community states that they seek to further the understanding of Hitler's Germany through study and discussion, and will actually refuse registration to any applicants who are affiliated with any hate groups. Users who post anything containing anti-Semitism, racial hatred, or ethnic cleansing, unless done in an obviously humorous, sarcastic, or satiric light, will be banned. [1]


Nazi Furs
At last years AC, there were a few Nazi Furs running about, a couple actually wearing the swastika armband and/or Party pins. One in particular stood out, wearing a long leather trenchcoat and Officers hat, and the armband.

When I pointed out to him the obvious fauxpaus he was displaying, he glanced at my badge (Rabbi-Tom) and said "Piss off Jew-Boy!" This completely caught me off guard for his blaitant(sic) disregard and/or respect.

I fired back at him "Fucking Nazi wannabee.(sic)" He grinned and said "Sieg Heil".[2]

Nazi Furs

There have been incidents contrary to the ideals and philosophies of the group by individuals falsely claiming to be Nazi Furs and acting out the stereotypes many have against them, which has led to a fair share of controversy and hatred for the group, which has caused discomfort in the ranks of the legitimate Nazi Furs by portraying them in a negative image.

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