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Nazi Furs' original logo
Nazi fur media. Art by[who?]
LJ Nazi Furs' logo (banner display)

Nazi Furs, or Nazi furs/Nazifurs (pl. Nazi Furries), also known as FurNazies, are furry communities/social groups that harbors an interest on WWII Germany's (1933-1945) social and political paramilitary. Some Nationalsozialismus (Nazi) furs use the term as a self-identifier and are not related or part of any centralized group.


Their first solid online presence of Nazi furs was established on the Nazi Furs (full Nazi Furs- Pelz der Schutzstaffel) LiveJournal community in March of 2005. The community became the first unified group of furries specifically interested in the history of Nazi Germany, especially the Third Reich.

According to the community's founder, Banalheart, the intended purpose of the community was to be an umbrella community encompassing the varied interests of individual furs within the specific topic. This was intended to include, but not be limited to, reenacting, uniform fetish, military history and tactics, and anthropomorphic art set during that era.

Their (mostly) in jest[1] site history is as follows:

Nazi Furs
"The legacy of the Nazi Furs can be traced back to Allied-occupied, post WW2 Germany.

With the fall of the Nazis and the end of the Lollercaust,[2] Adolf Hitler initiated one last tactic to preserve The Third Reich before quitting IRL forever!!!(:) The SS-Werewolves, a loose band of furries and otherkin, dressed as normal, Wienerwurst-sucking Krauts in the daytime yet at night donned their fursuits and ravaged the villages in Guerrilla style yiffing.

The insurgency campaign struck the Allied troops hard but was unsuccessful in the end when the demoralized SS-Werewolves disbanded after a US bombing of a furry porn server. Even so, Hitler went to the grave knowing The SS-Werewolves would rise again to further his vision.

Sixty years later, the SS-Werewolves began regrouping under the title "Nazi Furs," a minor niche amongst the larger furry fandom. Despite the fandom's taboo on social acceptance no matter how strange or tactless the fetish, the Nazi Furs have endured conflicts with rainbow-shitting, transvestite wannabes who perceive the group as a threat to their furry faggotry".

Nazi Furs

As of January 2017, the community had 337 posts, 2034 comments, and 105 members.[3] Present numbers (2024) are not available.


This LiveJournal community states that "they seek to further the understanding of Hitler's Germany through study and discussion, and will refuse registration to any applicants who are affiliated with any hate groups".

Users who just post anything containing anti-semitism, racial hatred, or ethnic cleansing, unless done in a "humorous", "sarcastic", or "satiric light", would be banned. [4]

Group insignia[edit]

The LJ Nazi Furs' symbol (or Pawstika) is a black paw on a white circle against a red background[5] created in the early 2010s, and reminiscent of the Parteiadler, the swastika symbol of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP, or National Socialist German Workers' Party in English) often worn in the form of an armband.[6]

According to the moderator Banalheart, the symbol was created not as a means of spreading hatred, or to symbolize intolerance, but "in a spirit of understanding that images like the swastika could potentially cause emotional distress to some people".[7]

Related groups[edit]

  • Furzi - Also known as Die Deutsch Furmacht (pl. Furzis/Furzies), is a group of Nazi furs normally found within the online multimedia platform of Second Life, which uses the LJ Nazi Furs' original symbol.
  • Furry Raiders - An American furry conservative social group. Their "Nazi" symbol was the Furzi's symbol on Second Life.

Both groups have been connected to Nazi Furs based on perceived similar themes and symbolism.


Nazi Furs
(LJ Nazi Furs) is not associated with the Furry Raiders. This group is not and never was associated with the 'furzis' of Second Life. Members of those groups are their own entities and neither asked nor received any approval or support from the members of this community.

Furry Raiders and the "alt-right" are not nazi_furs. They are hateful individuals putting on costumes pretending to be like people they do not understand who have been dead for years. These people WANT you to associate them with nazis, and calling them that only feeds their egos. Lets try not to do that.[13]

Nazi Furs
(See the actual article section: Association with Fascist imagery, Nazism, the Alt-Right, and the Furry Raiders)

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