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Nazi Furs (sometimes spelled nazifurs) is a furry community who harbor an interest in WWII era Germany for historical, militaristic, strategic, living history, reenactment or fetish reasons. Their first solid presence was through the establishment of a LiveJournal community in March of 2005.


The Nazi Furs' LiveJournal community states that they seek to further the understanding of Hitler's Germany through study and discussion, and will actually refuse registration to any applicants who are affiliated with any hate groups. Users who post anything containing anti-Semitism, racial hatred, or ethnic cleansing, unless done in an obviously humorous, sarcastic, or satiric light, will be banned. [1]


The Nazi Furs' symbol is a black paw on a white circle against a red background, done in a similar way to Adolf Hitler's swastika flag. This symbol is often worn in armband form.


In 2007, Jim Groat posted an experience he'd had with Nazi Furs at Anthrocon 2006 during which he was called a "Jew-Boy" by Nazi Furs wearing swastika armbands and other Nazi symbolism/militaria.[2]

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