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In Spring and Summer 2010, Orangina launched a new advertisement campaign, titled "Naturally", which showed a series of animals using the soda for purposes other than drinking. Most of the ads were created by the ad agency NoSite, with the publicity agency Fred & Farid credited for the concepts behind the series (and the 2007 ad campaign[1]).

English translation of several of the Orangina Naturally ads



Released on April 11, 2010, this commercial shows a Jamaican Rastafarian lion with dreadlocks driving a motorbike to "Punatown" while singing to a reggae tune playing on the boombox which he is lugging in the back; he runs over a dent in the sandy road near the beach and says "Sorry, mon!" in Jamaican Creole.[2]


A French aristocratic poodle has her left hand nails trimmed while sipping on Orangina in a glass in her right hand, but then recoils when a nail is broken by the trimmer. Screaming, she then barks at the trimmer and other attendants. This commercial was released on April 12, 2010.[3]


A commercial from April 14, 2010 depicts a young hapless teenage chameleon popping zits with his fingers and then using Orangina as a facial cleanser.[4]


A doe in a April 14, 2010 commercial entreats two human children to eat breakfast cereal with Orangina "milk"; the two children then eat the cereal from the bowl with their faces.[5]

"Dental Oral Hygiene"[edit]

A female horse experiences morning breath and uses Orangina as mouthwash. This commercial was released on April 14, 2010.[6]

"The giraffe and its own linen"[edit]

A giraffe uses Orangina a detergent (or fabric softener). Released on May 3, 2010.[7]

"Intimate hygiene of a Panda..."[edit]

A panda uses Orangina as a vaginal lubricant. This commercial was released on May 10, 2010.[8]

"Hair care"[edit]

A female afghan hound uses Orangina as shampoo. Released June 9, 2010.[9]

"Clean and shine, thanks to Orangina"[edit]

A housekeeping goat uses Orangina to clean her linoleum floor. June 9, 2010.[10]

"Orangina - the advantage of freshness sports"[edit]

Released on June 9, 2010, a male bear talks about how freshness matters to a sports player like himself and splashes Orangina as a cologne onto his left armpit before sniffing it.[11]

"Orangina - and your after shave is impeccable"[edit]

One particularly notable commercial in the series, released on June 22, 2010, features an anthropomorphic male puma dressed only in a towel while shaving in front of the bathroom mirror and then using Orangina as an aftershave; while the voiceover narrates the bracing sensation of the tonic, a male human (played by American gay model and OURsceneTV personality Matt Maggiacomo) also dressed in a towel, comes into the bathroom and begins to sensually caress the Orangina-laced cheek of the puma. The commercial, when released in France and England, became controversial among the television-viewing public due to suggestions of bestiality between the two gay male characters of different species[12]; as a result, NoSite Agency announced that the commercial would not be aired on French television due to being considered "too polemic"[13][14].

Paris-based blog From Paris with Yagg initially interpreted the ad (or the non-showing of the a) as a "leverage of homophobia" to in order to create the buzz for the commercial two days before the Paris Gay Pride season[15], but the founder of NoSite, Thomas Clément, replied to From Paris with Yagg with an assertion that the commercial was ran by French-language LGBT-positive blogs and forums in order to garner how the commercial would be perceived[16].

Reception by LGBT-positive and English-language pop cultural blogs, however, was mixed, with many wanting to disassociate themselves from insinuations of bestiality and others calling for more openness among LGBT individuals towards [17][18][19][20]

Unnamed "leopard" commercial[edit]

Another commercial, for which the date of publication is not indexed on the Orangina website, features a leopard woman scrubbing the hood of a car, using Orangina as soap[21]


Orangina Light[edit]

"Hyena [Light]"[edit]

A hyena and her two human girlfriends talk at a cafe and notice a preppy young blonde strut by while talking on her cell phone, but then laugh hysterically while the preppy blonde breaks a heel in mid-stride.[22]

"Giraffe [Light]"[edit]

A giraffe and her two human girlfriends are rollerblading in the sun on a boardwalk, but the giraffe notices a young human male also jogging in the opposite direction. The giraffe then turns tail to sniff at the buttocks of the man, alarming him to run away with the giraffe chasing behind him; eventually, the giraffe then returns with the man slung over her shoulder, to the amusement of the two human women skating alongside.[23]

Orangina Red[edit]

A May 2009 commercial shows a female panther drinking Orangina Red while using a whip in order to force an older human to gradually strip while dancing to music.[24]

Other commercials[edit]


A male puma wearing tribal war paint, along with feathers and a loincloth, is seen straddling backwards a giant bottle of Orangina and banging on it like a drum. At the end, the cap pops off and the Orangina sprays out.[25]


A female horse twirling a lasso is shown riding a bottle of Orangina that is bucking like a bull. She is thrown off at the end and the cap on the bottle pops off, spraying out the Orangina.[26]


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