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Evana Love, also known as Natasha Cat (real name Eva-Solveigh ├×rastard├│ttir, born February 3rd, 1985 in Reykjavik, Iceland, is a female furry artist and animator.


[edit] Controversy

[edit] As Natasha Cat

Initially the name she used when joining the furry fandom, she portrayed Natasha as a single mother who lived in England, while working in the adult industry. On spring of 2003, she created a website around this identity, selling furry erotica commissions and original artwork on Furbid. She was eventually banned from Furbid for taking large sums of money but never delivering the promised artwork.[citation needed]

When confronted on the old Furbid forums with evidence that Natasha Cat and Evana Love were the same person, Evana denied the accusations. However, she finally relented presented with IP addresses as proof.[citation needed] At the present time Evana has reversed her position and now vigorously contends that she and Natasha Cat are not the same person.[citation needed]

[edit] Nanook123 and Balaa

Arists Balaa and Nanook123 had characters that were white felines with blue eyes and black triangles under the eyes .

Balaa's response to the accusation and Nanook123's journal.

[edit] LobbyReal

She accused LobbyReal, a German Disney furry artist, of similar things when she posted a picture of a blue lion character named Atlantis.

So while poor Lobbyreal was being bullied by both Evana and her friend Domi-chan while Dolphy caught wind of this and called the both of them out for bullying her.

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