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The real-life Naskatan

Naskatan Vaako Avalon, also known as Cortland Andrew Bender and Wolfen Spirit (born March 10, 1989), is an amateur writer and poet currently living in Stockton, California, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Naskatan has been active in the fandom since early 2001. Around 2003, he began chatting on Gaia Online, an online community, where he joined the Adult Furries Guild, and soon became a frequent user.

Naskatan joined the 3D online community Second Life in 2006, and frequented the community on a regular basis over the following years.

On December 24th, 2006, Naskatan joined the site Fur Affinity and has since then submitted much of his own music and poetry, as well as commissioned pieces.

In 2007, he joined the Sacramento furry community Sacfurs while living in the Sacramento area. After moving to Eureka, California in 2009, he joined the local community of Humboldt Furs as an active member.

Naskatan has attended Further Confusion every year since 2008. He has been an active member of staff working ConOps (convention operations) at Further Confusion every year since 2009.


Naskatan's fursona is a black wolf of normal proportions. He sports long, sleek, black hair, often braided and held with several decorative silver rings. His attire is variable. He is most recognized by his eyes, which can alter or blend between a sapphire blue or ruby red, depending on his thoughts and emotions at the time.


Naskatan has created several short stories and many pieces of poetry.

Currently, no short stories are uploaded to any of the sites he is active on. A few of his poems can be found on his Fur Affinity page.

The poetry he creates is most often formed only during times of significant inspiration. The poetry itself is generally written freehand, rather than having a specific form in mind. The works most often use symbolism to convey emotions and mindsets.

His music is amateur level work that he creates using a variety of digital programs. Currently what music he has created to date can be found on his Fur Affinity page.

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