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Nanook123 (born January 3, 1979)[1] is a furry-friendly cartoonist and fursuiter who lives in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.[2] She usually represents herself with a cougar character named Cougari.


Nanook123's fursuit character is Sid Mutt, a junkyard dog who wears a pair of eye-goggles.[3] Sid was constructed by Furr Happens.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Nanook123 got her start posting art on the internet in the TLK Fandom in 2002 her style has been through many changes from quadrupedal TLK-esque characters to her current kinetic toony style. She is an avid TV fan and much of her character art depicts characters from television sitcoms. She was responsible for the artwork on the cover of the ConFuzzled 2011 conbook.

Nanook123 has attended Anthrocon more than once, but does not proclaim herself to be a furry. She is also an attendee of Baltimore-local Otakon.

Her favorite artist is Don Bluth, one of her influences.


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