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Nanaku is a furry artist who is from Austin/Hutto, Texas and used to attend Austin Community College. She is an African American mix. She currently resides in Copperas Cove, Texas.

She draws taurs, anthros, and ferals and sells her art on Fur Affinity and deviantART.

She commutes often on FurriesXtreme and Pounced.


Nanaku Chizure Shytano-Teishan-Rikushio is a female silver snow leopard and demon mixed furry. From Leopars Island, she is a bisexual tribal character who longs to be with the one she loves, a kangaroo and dingo mix who is also the father of her fursona's young daughter, Churichia. She is also a member of the Feralys furry pirate crew, where she continues her adventures to search for her beloved Kuneshi. Later on in life, she finds that they were clearly not meant to be. She later gets married and raises her daughter for a bit with him. After the continuous fights, she finally leaves, but only after she is locked away for defending herself. With her child now taken away, and her current mate trying to assist her in getting her back, she is on the search and fighting the fight, for her little Churi.

Character Personality[edit]

Nanaku is a gentle, yet mild-mannered person who is very affectionate and caring of her families. She is always on the search of something more to her life, and also discovering more about herself along the way. She loves to make new friends and acquaintances, and tends to butt heads against those who intentionally speak against her beliefs. Even in time of conflict, she remains loyal to her beliefs, even when her demon side takes control of her. Still very open-minded and social, Nanaku just tries her best to make it through life given the difficult situations she is placed in.

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