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Nanaki XIII (born November 9, 1989) is a furry artist who lives in Indiana, USA. He started his work in 2003 as a Sonic fan, and then became a full-fledged furry artist after leaving his SheezyART account for his DeviantART. He made his FurAffinity account soon after.


Nanaki Thertin, Nanaki XIII's fursoana

Nanaki XIII (Nanaki Thertin) is a short-hair, periwinkle colored house cat, but he does not know his direct breed. His background comes from five years ago, where he used to be a human. However, due to a vaccination disguised as a flu shot, he transformed into the cat, and was driven from his home by his "speciest" family. Now living in the furry side of the city, he used to work as a sniper for hire. After meeting some new friends, he left his violent style of life, and became a performer for bars, podcasts, and anything else he can be a part of. Today, he writes songs for Kraden's podcast, "Taking up Space."


Nanaki writes, and plays songs for this Podcast

Nanaki XIII wrote songs, and submitted them to a podcast called TakingUpSpace. Hosted by Kraden, and his fellow hosts. His most favored song is, "A Whiny DevianTART." However, he now says to be experimenting with new sound recording devices, and is now able to reproduce a full band sound using his newly acquired software. He submitted a new song every fortnight the podcast recorded.

The podcast is currently canceled for an unknown amount of time, and since then, he has moved on over to the ACTfur On Air podcast, along with contributors of TUSpod, Kraden, RayLiehm and Fenris

The Artist[edit]

First starting out on SheezyArt as a sprite animator, and Sonic fanboy, he created two full flash movies called "Falling Up The Wall." Unsatisfied by his creations, he began to start putting pencil to paper by the age of 15. Since then, he put his sprite animating behind, and perused his life as a furry artist. He started up his deviantART in 2004, where he uploaded a few of his older pictures. It is also where he found his girlfriend Ebony-Tala, and continued to upload everything else he drew there. The more he uploaded to DeviantART, the less he uploaded to SheezyART. His SheezyArt is now currently abandoned, but his artwork can still be viewed. He also no longer dates Ebony-Tala.

He started his Fur Affinity account in 2007, and uploaded a few of his current works there. He now uploads very rarely, as he spends most of his time writing his songs for Kraden and his podcast. He is recently became good friends with Atomic Stoney, and even met a short time ago, as they both live in Indiana. He has also become friends of most of the "Taking up Space" podcast crew, as well as its contributors and fans like Fenris.

Outside of the fandom, he works at a T.G.I. Fridays, working as a host inside of an Indiana mall. When he isn't working or chatting on the internet, he plays a light dosage of Xbox live, where many of the people on his friends list are also furry. He socializes with a few people at school, despite the fact that he is an early graduate from high school. He'll be attending college in the fall. [1] [2] [3] [4]


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