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The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show is a live, American musical television act, produced by and run on the Comedy cable television network. The cast consists of The Naked Trucker (as played by actor Dave "Gruber" Allen,) and Gerald "T-Bones" Tibbons (played by actor David Koechner.)

[edit] The show and furry

In the show's episode Key to the City (first aired in Jaunary 2007,) a guy in a bear costume (actor Andy Richter) is featured as the hitchhiker of the week. He is described by T-Bones as a furry, though the suit wearer "argues" that he is "a bear" (a take on the "beliefs" of "stereotypical" lifestyler.)

T-Bones ends up fighting and beating the "bear," who is eventually revealed to be a man in a bear costume, as suspected.

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