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Nabyn front page
Author(s) Owner/Developer: Kameloh
Status Open Beta mode
Genre Social art community
Censor G button.png
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Nabyn is a general-purpose social art site for drawing and painting. A significant proportion of its members draw furry artwork. Anthro Community and Feral Community are linked from the front page at[1]

Artistic nudity is permitted, but sexual content is not; nor is photography, except of 2D artwork.[2] Registration requires an invitation code, which are given to active users on the site.[3]

In January 2015, Nabyn transitioned from to with a new layout and features.[4] keeps the beta status and invite code system from, but unlike other art sites, gives user-run communities a more prominent focus.[5]. is still active, though users of the old site are encouraged to transfer to using codes given out by site admin Kameloh[6] and site development ceased in March 2012.[7]


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