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The Na'Go'Zi is a fictional role-played pride on The Lion King MUCK that was officially recognized on March 31, 2019.[1] It is a descendant pride of the Zari Bara Pride and Natamba, from the Golden Lands and Uzima Valley regions respectively.

About the Pride[edit]


When he was a cub, King Kubwini had an accident that nearly drowned him and left him comatose for three days. After waking, and in the intervening months, the cub would have horrible panic attacks, fearing those around him were attempting to kill him. As he got more violent, the riskier the cub would be as he grew to the point he would no longer be safe among the Natamba. Soon the truth came out that Kubwini's mother was slain by hyenas, an event only Kubwini was witness to, and was the trigger for the traumatic backlash. As there was a great risk to everyone, and the possibility that Kubwini's own life would be put into danger if he remains, Sumi, then co-ruler of the Natamba, went in search of a new place his son could safely live.

Soon, Sumi would find a beautiful place of mostly jungles, with a very calming and beautiful tree that would light up in the twilight hours thanks to dozens of little fireflies. The soothing nature of the trees and the lands themselves inspired Sumi to take Kubwini and a number of followers from the Natamba to form a pride in this new place. The pride would become known as the Na'go'zi. And, as Sumi had hoped, his son was calmed and soothed by the Na'go'zi Lands so that he could live a happy life.

Time would pass on, with Sumi eventually stepping down so Kubwini may take his place as King of the Na'go'zi. While Kubwini might have felt that he is not as great at leadership as his father, the King devotes himself to leading the Na'go'zi forward, and ensuring the pride and all the lands' denizens are prosperous and happy. Kubwini would, along with his father, invite many new subjects into his home, including his son and heir, Umehau, his majordomo, Morowa, his mate, Swai, and many faces, new and old, into the Na'go'zi.

The pride may be faced with many a challenge, but as long as the pride remembers they are not just a pride, but a family, they will overcome.[2]


  • 2012-2018 - Sumi
  • 2018-Present - Kubwini


"Pride of Opportunity!" As described in the official pride information, "The Natamba-Golden Lands-Uzima Pride, better known as the Na'go'zi, are founded on the same principles as its mother pride, the Natamba: The idea that anyone carrying peace in their heart and truth in their tongue is welcome. It was also founded out of the love a father King had for his son, and the length in which he would go to save him."[3]


The Na'Go'Zi Lands adjacent to the Zawati lands to the south, and The Uzima Valley to the south-west.


Pride Members[edit]

  • Kubwini (lion), King
  • Nelliel (lioness), Regent/Huntress
    • Kuishi (lion), Nelliel and Ukarimu's son
    • Chezesha (lioness), Nelliel and Ukarimu's daughter
    • Tofauti (lioness), Nelliel and Ukarimu's daughter
  • Umehau (lion), Heir Apparent/Kubwini's Son
  • Sumi (lion), Pride Elder/Former King
  • Morowa (meerkat), Majordomo
  • Kucha (raven), Na'ko'le
  • Swai (she-cheetah), Patrol/Kubwini's Mate
  • Motoni (she-cheetah), Adviser/Kubwini's Daughter-in-Spirit
    • Mwanga (she-cheetah), Motoni and Utundu’s Daughter
    • Jivu (cheetah), Motoni and Utundu’s Son
    • Moshi (she-cheetah), Motoni and Utundu’s Daughter
    • Angavu (she-cheetah), Motoni and Utundu’s Daughter
    • Kijoto ( cheetah), Motoni and Utundu’s Son
  • Chi'kri (lioness), Huntress/Sumi's Mate
  • Ukarimu (lion), Cubsitter/Nelliel's Mate
  • Sheba (lioness), Huntress
  • Buziba (lion), Patrol/Sumi's Son
  • Arjana (lioness), Huntress/Sumi's Daughter
  • Tamani (lioness), Huntress/Sumi's Daughter
  • Laluh (lioness), Huntress/Sumi's Daughter
  • Utundu (cheetah), Patrol/Motoni's Mate

The official prides information in the MUCK lists the members as of April 2020:[4]

  • King: Kubwini
  • Heir: Umehau
  • Lionesses: Nelliel, Sheba, Nyimak
  • Lions: Sumi, Ukarimu
  • Young Leonines: Umehau, Kuishi, Tofauti
  • Other Members: Swai, Motoni, Morowa, Kucha, Utundu, Mwanga, Jivu, Angani, Moshi, Kijoto

Kasear Order Members[edit]

A contingent of the Kasear Order has been permanently stationed in the NGZ. They are still part of and trade personnel with the Kasear Order headquarters located in Uzima Valley.

  • Mavidi (meerkat), Healer
  • Maadili
  • Nia'nzuri

Other NGZ Residents[edit]

These are animals who reside in the NGZ though they may not have any direct affiliation with the pride.[5]

  • Mavidi (meerkat)
  • Imani (lioness)
  • Chupacha (panther)
  • Tarumbeta (cow elephant)
  • Sikiliza (bat-eared fox)
  • Sherehe (mandrill)
  • Ouwa (lion)
  • Bai'Nyang (meerkat)
  • Zillah (lion)
  • Zarek (lion)
  • Vikali (lioness)
  • Japhta (lion)
  • Itonda (lioness)
  • Kushindwa (leopardess)


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