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Mystifluff. Picture taken at Mephit Mini Con.
Mysticoon. Picture taken at Eurofurence.
Harly Kin.

Mystifur (born August 20th, 1975) is a fursuiter and fursuit maker from Hamburg, Germany and owner of , first fursuit studio to offer entirely 3D printed heads.

Past: Raised as an ice cream maker in his hometown, until called by the military draft he spent a couple of years in the Airforce. Studied computer engineering at the technical university of Hamburg.

Mystifur joined the furry fandom in the year 2000.

Conventions attended[edit]


He is involved in several departments as a senior staff member (see blow), most notably, director of the fursuit team and host of "Stage-Fever", the currently discontinued fursuit show.

Staff involvement[edit]

  • Eurofurence 10 + 11 Fursuit Lounge Assistent
  • Eurofurence 12 Fursuit Lounge Lead
  • Eurofurence 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 Fursuit Team Director (Lounge, Repair Workshop, Parade, Badges)
  • Eurofurence            15, 16, 17, 18       Touristic liaison (now part of Public relations)
  • Eurofurence                       17, 18       Show-Your-Badge partner program (now part of Public relations)
  • Eurofurence                             18, 19 Public relations (Touristic liaison, Show-Your-Badge Program, Public authority coordination)

Programming involvement[edit]

  • Eurofurence 11 New attendee welcome panel
  • Eurofurence 12 Started the EF custom to hold fursuit parades outdoors and in public. (Nuremberg Castle)
  • Eurofurence 13 "Stage-Fever 1" , Host & director, (formerly "fursuit show/contest")
  • Eurofurence 14 "Stage-Fever 2"
  • Eurofurence 15 "Stage Fever 3" , (as Kalif Al Jucaneet, story written by Shay)
  • Eurofurence 16 "Stage Fever 4"
  • Eurofurence 19 Impromptu Fursuit Disco at the local mall --- fursuit excursion to the zoo --- Fursuit Downtown Parade (Each with several hundred participating suiters)

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