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Myra Midnight (old picture)

Mýra Midnight (pronounced Me-Ra), also known as MyraMidnight, formerly as dark-stardragon (born 1987 in Iceland) is a anthro artist.


She prefers to draw dragons and anthropomorphic characters.

Her first and main gallery is located on deviantART, where she has been a member since 2004.

She must have created an account on most of the furry gallery platforms that she came across, they seemed to be popping up everywhere, gathering quite the collection of galleries and uploaded a handful of her work on each of them. Among those galleries only Fur Affinity[1] was updated with new artwork, though less frequently than her deviantART account. Her older artwork can also be found on the VCL gallery[2].


Myra began her online existence within a site called GAIAonline[3] back in 2004, in the roleplaying section where she became a regular in one particular thread/tavern as a small shape-shifting dragon. At one point the group of regulars scattered as the GAIA platform was going through some dramatic changes, which lead her to appear on IMVU and then later SecondLife.

Travel log[edit]

It is not unusual for Myra to become absent after a long period of activity in some places, so these platforms are rarely a good place to make contact unless you catch her there.

  • Mýra found her way onto the FurryMuck server for a little while back in 2009, even made one appearance in Jim Groat's comic-strips[4].
  • Joined SecondLife back in 2010 and has been spotted there every now and then ever since. Is usually spotted around EverWing, Aggro, or Isle of Wyrms when she does come around.
    • She was a member of the Krafties crew for a while, created the foundations for their wiki[5].
  • Became a member of the Dorg[6] community around 2010, can be spotted on their discord.
  • Flight Rising[7] caught her attention for a while (2013 - 2016), being one of the Arcane flight.
  • Myra explored Furvilla[8] for a while (2016-2017), as a member of the Quetzal Palace with her cook Akkueree in the lead.

Icelandic Furmeets[edit]

Myra attended and hosted many of the first regular Fur meets held in Iceland back in 2006, while the group was small enough to sit together at one table. These furmeets were often enough centered around Icelandic furries that had moved abroad that were visiting home ground so the locals could meet them, among those visitors were Iceaman and Karno. These meetings evolved into a little group called IcelandFurs which makes Myra one of its founding members. She has played a rather passive role within the group since the group grew too large to invite home.

The IcelandFurs group had split in half so to speak over the years due to some disagreements and drama. In 2019 there was an effort made to join those two halves by having the managers of the two halves work together, which included Myra (always better to have more than one person to manage such a group, else it tends to become too personal) which was a success, but there was also a local newspaper that found this event noteworthy enough to cover in a story[9] with a weird title (impinging that the group has a chairperson/formann ). The story itself was considered decent by the members of the group at least.


  • Mýra - This is obviously her alter ego, part of her identity. While she might not have stories of past lives to recall, she identifies herself as dragonkin rather than a furry, but the distinction does not matter much since for most people the line between the two is quite vague.

Prominent features include:

  • Being described to be about the size of a horse, which might be relatively small for a dragon compared to many of her kin, though still growing.
  • Her scales are close to navy blue, if not brighter since her hue has gotten a lot brighter over the years from being borderline black/midnight blue.
  • 3 prominent black spikes can be seen growing along the spine of her neck and back of her head, and a few black spikes have started growing along the base of her tail down towards it's middle.
  • Large raptor-like claws can be spotted on her hind feet
  • Her eyes are forest-green in color, and almost give the impression that they glow.
  • Her head does resemble some sort of allosaurus.
  • Teleute - Teleute is an alternative character (the name comes from Sandman comics, which was one of the names that Death was known by), which was born on IMVU as a dragon/raven hybrid, also nicknamed Roadkill due to an accidental tumble down some stairs. The fact that it was hard to find decent looking dragon components played a big role in the creation of this alternative character. This character was not spotted outside of the IMVU platform until she appeared at a "Free Comicbook day" event in Iceland.\
  • Alyk Silverskin - Originally a D&D character, a half-dragon centaur that killed an undead lich with a blunt stick while her team ran scared. Alyk was spotted in The Endless Forest for a time as well.


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