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Myra Midnight (old picture)

Myra Midnight (born 1987), real name Stefania R. Michelsen, is a anthro artist from Reykjavik, Iceland, also known as dark-stardragon. She discovered the fandom around 2004, but considers herself to be otherkin if anything.


Myra Midnight (pronounced Me-Ra) is a midnightblue dragoness with silky black hair and green eyes, with the ability to go between feral and anthro. Along her neck and tail are black spikes growing from her spine, and a double edged, scissor-like blade on her tail tip. As a feral, she is about as big as a Icelandic Horse. She is rarely seen or drawn with wings when anthro.


Myra is actually a two-in-one dragon, best described as a dual personality where both personalities are aware of each other. They are like two sides on the same coin, and consider themselves to be sisters, which only swap sides when under alot of stress, upset or simply pissed off. For the lack of a better name for the later personality, she is simply referred to as Steph or DarkStar, even responds to Myra when swapped. Steph is everything that Myra is not; suspicious, doubtful, sarcastic and sadistic, and all the pent up anger Myra cant seem to be able to handle.

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