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Mylo, also known as toastedtruth (born 1995), is a furry fan who lives in Norfolk, England, United Kingdom.


Mylo is studying for a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information technology (specializing in Software development), with almost 3 years experience in programming Java. In his spare time he is active on gaming community projects such as the Bukkit server software for Minecraft.

He has also turned to writing open-source software, alongside producing Android mobile apps, such as an Android app to provide information and timetables during furry conventions called SmartPaws.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Mylo first became involved in the fandom in September, 2012, whilst doing some background research into producing a web comic. Mylo is a member of the UKFurs[1] and an attendee of the LondonFurs group's furmeets. His first meet was in Norwich in October 2012. Whilst visiting Florida in 2013, Mylo also attended two of the Orlando Furs Taco Tuesday meets.

Mylo was a member of the ConFuzzled 2014's stage crew.


Mylo's fursona is a British red fox.

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) Staff member


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