Myke Patton

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Myke Patton

Myke Patton (born July 31) is a rat from Canada, previously known for being a DJ at a few clubs on Second Life. He is now Co-Owner of GYC.

Second Life[edit]

Myke used to be a frequent DJ on Second Life, though is a session musician. Mr. Patton used to work at several Second Life Clubs. He is now settled into co-ownership of GYC. He helps fellow co-owner Kiroja maintain its inner-workings, and thus can usually be found there, with or without pants. His mate's name is Echoe Shepherd. They have been together since 2007.

His screen-name is somewhat of an 'homage' to the real Mike Patton, whom Myke has been a fan of since 1990.

Music Production[edit]

Myke writes/records his own music, some of which can be found on Fur Affinity. His player has been a session musician since 1996, and has worked / appeared on several projects, such as Throatmotor, Near Earth Astronaut, Steaming Toolie, Retrograd and Space Cadet. He has also commissioned pieces for public radio, thematic and atmospheric music for independent films.


Myke has always been a rat at heart. On SL he has used several other species avatars; including crux, hyena, wolf and husky. Myke nowadays is using a rat avatar again.