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Mxali in 2008

Mxali (/m'kǁɔ:li/) (born October 25, 1986) is a senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in Biology with minors in Entomology and Mathematics. He is currently serving his second term as president of SOAP, the Society of Anthropomorphics at Virginia Tech. His fursona is a black-backed jackal. The name Mxali contains an alveolar lateral click.


[edit] Background

Mxali is originally from Newport News, Virginia and currently resides in Blacksburg, Virginia where he attends school. He often does things backwards– he became president of SOAP before he considered himself to be a furry (which did not happen until Midwest Furfest 2007). Outside of the furry fandom, he is a beekeeper, plays and composes for the piano, and trains in Wushu (Chángquán style). Mxali tends to keep exotic pets: currently he has a pet emperor scorpion named Grace Kelly. He has been a member (and president) of SOAP since August 2007.

[edit] Fursona

Mxali by Likeshine
Mxali "Biohazard" Nkosinathi Xaqa is a black-backed jackal from South Africa. He has natural fur coloration, blue eyes, and stands about 6' 2". His clothing styles include casual lounge clothes, motorcycle jackets, Italian suits, and full hazmat suits depending on the portrayal, although a lab coat is his most common motif. Additionally, he rides a Vespa, and, like the real Mxali, keeps bees. He often exhibits the characteristics of hypomania and bears symptoms of megalomania.

The most common back-story portrays Mxali as the ill-appointed head of a fictional, utopian terrorist organization called the Johannesburg Organization for Emerging Research and International Egalitarianism ("JOERIE" is also a local name in South Africa for the antlion larva). His nickname, "Biohazard," resulted from his reputation for carrying out dangerous and ethically questionable biotechnological experiments, some in which he was his own subject. His areas of expertise are viral engineering, genetic modification, and cybernetic implants.

Unconfirmed records state that Mxali rose quickly through the ranks of the organization, possibly through foul play. The former vice-chairman issued a statement claiming that the chairman vacated his position after being infected by one of Mxali's novel viruses, giving up his position in exchange for the antivirus, but before having the chance to back up his claims, he disappeared. Since his takeover, Mxali has directed the organization away from overt terrorism, preferring a more behind-the-scenes approach manipulating and influencing the global black market.

Mxali claims to have "effortlessly" developed cures for various cancers, HIV, and an easy weight-loss drug with virtually no side-effects, but refuses to reveal them. "I'll tell someone eventually," he once told an assistant, "for the right price."

He destroys his research notes immediately after taking them to avoid leakage of information. It appears that he relies on some sort of eidetic memory (either natural or cybernetically enhanced) to keep track of his research. His assistants are not permitted to enter his lab for any reason.

[edit] Online presence

Mxali frequents the Furnet and Anthrochat (usernames: Mxali, Biohazard, Camus) networks. On the latter, he serves as an operator for the #nocturnalyiff channel. He also helps maintain the SOAP website, where he accounts for most of the spam volume over the SOAP mailing list, mostly attempting to find someone on the list to eat lunch with him.

[edit] Con attendance

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