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Muira badge, drawn by Marci McAdam

Muira Nirvana Durga (also known as Muira Wolf Pup) is a babyfur residing in Sarasota, Florida. Born in September 1976 to an adult baby, Muira was aware of AB/DL from a very young age. It was by interacting with babyfurs in the AB/DL community that Muira was introduced to the furry fandom.


Muira's fursona is a 3 year old gray wolf pup with white muzzle/chest, golden eyes, and a dark emo-shag mop of headfur.

Muira is a mischievous pup, orphaned at birth, and constantly moved from one bizarre, psychotically twisted foster family to another. His only influences up to this point in his short life have been punk rockers, biker gangs, drug addicts, vigilante soldiers of fortune, and beatnik guru's of the psychedelic.

Despite all of this, Muira has a shy and affectionate demeanor. Although he is still perceived as a bad boy from his attempts of copying what he sees the influential "big people" around him do.


Muira's fursuit of his character was made by The Furducers in 2008.

Real life[edit]

Shortly after meeting his mate at a fetish party in Chicago, Illinois, they moved to Sarasota, Florida in February 2004.

On September 22nd, 2007 (after 4 years together), they were married in a commitment ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada.


An avid motorcycle enthusiast his whole life, Muira has been riding since the age of six, logging in several thousand miles across North America. He is founder and leader of the BF/AB/DL motorcycle social club "Hell's Anklebiters".


Muira has performed musically in a vast and eclectic variety of vocal and instrumental ensembles. Specializing in woodwind and brasswind instruments, his primary instrument is the trumpet, although he has played and taught many different wind instruments. Aside from the more formal ensembles, Muira has played with many small rock and punk bands, and soloed as a jazz musician. He also sings karaoke regularly with his mate as a favorite pastime.

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