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MugenPlanetX, also known as MugenFusion (real name Robert, born April 23, 1992), is a furry artist.

Fandom involvement[edit]

MugenPlanetx has been a furry artist since 2008. He has attended only two anime conventions so far, AFO 7 (Anime Festival Orlando 2006), and AFO 13 (Anime Festival Orlando 2012).


Robert's fursona is a brown wolf named Apollo the Wolf, created in 2008. Since Apollo's creation, his appearance has changed throughout the years such as him growing his hair out long. He mostly wears a simple red loincloth.

Apollo was born in a rainforest somewhere in the part of Greece in a tribe, not much of his past is known other then that. He is unable to talk or speak and uses sign language to communicate to others. He is also married to Alpha, a dark brown female wolf from Poland.

He is also a father of two young wolves.

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