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Pokémon (Pocket Monsters in Japanese) is a Japanese franchise, started with a video game created by Satoshi Tajiri and his company Game Freak in 1996. It has since been spun-off into numerous additional games, an animé series, trading card game and several manga, and heavily merchandised.

Latias, one example of a Pokemon.

The setting for the game is a world not too different from our own, populated by not just humans but also many species of creatures called Pokémon. The species vary greatly from dragons, to mammals, even plant-like creatures to inanimate objects, and nearly all of them have some kind of supernatural abilities, such as breathing fire or telekinesis. Most Pokémon do not speak human languages, but can communicate amongst one another. These creatures are caught from the wild and trained by humans to compete in sporting fights using their various abilities.

Although there are diffences between interpretations of the original concept (the games, animé and manga are not canon to each other), the Pokémon are often shown to be semi-sentient creatures or occasionally intellectual equals with humans. Most species have simple linguistic skills, and are capable of independent thoughts and actions.

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