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Mryia, or Mryia Jackalope, is a German furry who is known for his fine-art photography of abandoned places. He is also known as a furry writer. His furry persona is a special form of the Jackalope, the german Rasselbock. He normally appears as an anthropomorphic hare with deer antlers, as well as tusks like a predator. The name "mryia" is taken from the Ukrainian language and means dream. The english pronunciation is mreea'.

Mryia has written a lot of furry stories, many of which are erotic, although most of them are in German. Some of his most popular stories are "Tales of the Jackalope" and "Kleiner Tiger Mikhal". Most of his works can be found at SoFurry.

Using the pseudonym Atomhirsch, he is an active part of the German Urban Exploration (Urbex) scene. Equipped with a Pentax K20D DSLR camera he sneaks, creeps and climbs into all kinds of abandoned buildings and places to make his artistic shots of a world after mankind. The name Atomhirsch could be translated into 'nuclear deer'. Sometimeshe carries a life-sized inflatable reindeer with him as a kind of mascot or use a deer mask to hide his face when making self-portraits while trespassing.

Mryia was known as a plushophile with a large collection of big plushies in his earlier furry life. One of his hobbies was sewing and making SPHs to make plushies anatomically correct. He was also taking commissions from all over the world and had a good reputation with his work. Notably, he sold two plush toys to the New York Museum of Sex - one rabbit (in a FurBid auction) and one Meeko. [1]

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