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Mr.Underbudders, also known as Mr.U and Aero Southpaws, is a furry musician.


Underbudders' daytime fursona is a light-orange Red Fox with brown and white ears. He has greenish-yellow eyes, blue hair, brown paws, and white fur on his tummy, neck, and snout. And wears custom-made FURSIK Cyberpunk goggles.

Underbudders' nighttime fursona is the same as his daytime fursona, but with the addition of small black dragon wings, longer claws, and eyes that glow bright yellow/green.


Mr.Underbudders creates music in the styles of Dubstep and Electronic Dance Music. He was inspired by Underground French House music, songs from the late 1990s, and experimental Dubstep tracks from fairly old video games.

Mr.U was began producing EDM at the age of fourteen. He started out using the Fruity Loops Studio 9 Demo, installed secretly on his mother's computer (because his own computer's sound card was broken). Mr.U eventually got his own basic equipment for music production; a Compaq Presario 061 model, an Akai Mpk Mini and an old set of JBL desktop speakers. As of July, 2012, he has the same PC model (but upgraded), a Korg Nano Kontrol, Behringer BCD2000, Zoom BFX-708, M-Audio Fast Track, M-Audio KeyRig 49, a Shure 565SD microphone, and an Audiotek 0224 External Sound Card. He has borrowed a Nord Lead from a close relative, and his studio monitors are Aiwa NSx2000 (300 Watts each).

The Digital Audio Workstation software Mr.U relies on the most is FL Studio 10 XXL Edition, and Propellerhead Reason 6 as slave mode. His favorite VST plugins are Native Instruments Massive, FM8, Reaktor, Sylenth1, Toxic Biohazard, reFX Nexus, and synthesizer from Reason is Thor.

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