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Original Mouseboy's trace
Original01.jpg Mouseboy01.jpg
Don Rosa, detail from collector's item Les In├ędits de Don Rosa #2 (Disney item code FC PM 316D) published in the French Disney magazine Picsou, in reference to Rosa's Junior Woodchucks story W.H.A.D.D.A.L.O.T.T.A.J.A.R.G.O.N. (1997, INDUCKS story code D 97052) Mouseboy, first panel to the story Babysitting, Rosa's style still recognizable
Original02.jpg Mouseboy02.jpg
Al Taliaferro, panel from daily Donald Duck newspaper strip, June 15, 1947 (INDUCKS story code ZD 47-06-15) Mouseboy, first panel to the story Donald's Party, Taliaferro's style still recognizable
Original03.jpg Mouseboy03.jpg
Don Rosa, panel from the story W.H.A.D.D.A.L.O.T.T.A.J.A.R.G.O.N. Mouseboy, panel to the story The boy's job, Rosa's style still recognizable
Original04.jpg Mouseboy04.jpg
Don Rosa, panel from the story The black knight, 1998 (INDUCKS story code 97346) Mouseboy, panel to the story Paradise island, Rosa's style still recognizable
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