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Mountain Poutine was a webcomic created by HollyAnn. It first "aired" on September 3, 2004, and the last comic (as of 2009) was published December 18, 2006. Originally created to help HollyAnn overcome art block, as well as to keep her drawing, she shortly found out that her comic picked up a few viewers, which gradually grew. It is hosted on Furtopia.

The name "Mountain Poutine" came both from HollyAnn's place of origin (Canada) and where she currently lives now (Vermont). "Mountain" comes from the "Green Mountain State" and "Poutine", being a type of French-Canadian fast food that consists of french fries, gravy and cheese curds.

Regular characters included HollyAnn, her husband Trinsic, and their pet gryphon Clax. The comic also featured brief appearances by secondary characters, such as Pantera Atra-u and HollyAnn's brother. Every so often, the comic had cameos from different friends of HollyAnn. Stories usually involved something humourous or amusing, though a few are serious plots.

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