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Motley the Wolf.

KoMoPaDu (born April 14),[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Wakefield, Michigan, U.S.A. Her main sona is a grey timber wolf named Motley. In addition to being a fursuiter, VampiricIce is a cosplayer of the Broadway show Cats.

KoMoPaDu feels she has been a furry since the age of ten, but joined the fandom at twenty two.


Koori the Wolf.

KoMoPaDu's characters are:

  • Motley, a grey-bodied timber wolf with a white face and red paws. His tail is black with a neon-green tip. Motley the wolf was created by KoMoPaDu in 2013. The character was originally supposed to be male, but, since his creator can not easily pull off a male character, he became a herm.
  • Koori, a white sparkle wolf with aqua hand paws and silver feet paws. She has aqua hair.
  • Paideia, a silver and grey cat with a white belly. She has a grey mask and dark grey spots on her upper legs. She has white socks.
  • Ringlin, a white tiger with a cross on the back of her head.
  • Sande, a mutt with a tan eye patch and white face and palms.
  • Starlight, a white husky with blue eyes.
  • Ashley, a three tailed fox with purple hair.


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