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Mosey is a London Fur and has been attending meets since late 2004. She used to be an administrator, and before that a moderator on the UKFur forums. She is unfortunately aware of drama.

Mosey enjoys parapara and, true to her feline nature, loves sushi. She's especially fond of mackerel. She enjoys learning about Japanese culture, especially the reasons behind hikikomori's existence. She's also fond of movies and videogames; she loves RPGs and survival horrors, but FPSes make her feel mildly ill.

Mosey's fursona is a lilac-grey tabby with white face, belly and paws. She wears glasses and lives in a bakery. She has an alternative fursona, Koi, who is a younger cat with, appropriately, koi markings. Koi is a lot calmer than Mosey is, but isn't used very much.

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