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Morg's fursuit by Hyoken Seisou and Komic Krazi Studios.

Morg is a Canadian furry who resides in Calgary, Alberta. As of 2009, he is an active member and moderator of the Alberta Furries, and attends most local conventions and meets when possible. Morg is currently dating Feros Wolf. Morg does art design for Guilty Fox Apparel.


Morg's fursona came into existence in 2007 with assistance from Kotto, who introduced him to the fandom. Morg was altered many times throughout 2007 and 2008, with input and molding from Furtopia users on the forums and IRC. Throughout most of 2008 and 2009, Morg has remained constant as a brown wolf with white markings on his belly, the top of his muzzle, feet paw tips, ear tips, and tail tip. Moving forward through 2010 and 2011 Morg added a husky tail, making his new species a wusky. Morg's coloration has him confused with a fox at times, but Morg is consistently portrayed as a wusky character in drawings and role play.

Morg does not wear any accessories or clothing on a regular basis. When forced to wear clothing, he is usually seen in a hoodie and jeans (similar to those of his real life counterpart).


Morg attends local comic and anime conventions as well as furry conventions to meet and socialize with furries as well as members of other fandoms.

Morg has attended multiple conventions since 2008:


Morg's fursuit head was built by Hyoken Seisou the rest of the suit has been contructed by Komic Krazi Studios. The suit's head was originally debuted at Calgary Comic and Toy Expo 2009 and the full partial debuted at Boo At The Zoo Calgary 2009. The body and new tail were completed in April 2010 and debut at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2010. A new second head from Tea House Tricks debuted at Otafest in 2011.

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