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Three girls: Moredena (left), Tahti (middle) and Dixie (right).

Moredena is the fursona of Jennifer Weaver (born 1982) who lives in Portland, Oregon, USA with her boyfriend Jirris and her cat Honey Boy. She is a college graduate, freelance artist and works as a veterinary receptionist.

Moredena is a curvy, busty, chubby blue snow leopardess. She is in her mid-twenties. Her markings are light cerulean blue and white with black spots. Her cheeks have a white ruff and her tail has five dark grey/black oblong markings on down the top of the tail. She has grey/green/blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair.

Other characters[edit]

There are two other girls who are regularly drawn along with Moredena.

A mahogany Irish Setter named Tahti, which is Finnish for "star". She's in her late twenties and enjoys being fabulous and doing ballet.

A blue merle Welsh Corgi named Dixie. She's in her early twenties and is definitely a bit of a country girl.

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