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Ouskie (to be pronounced as if saying husky in French - ooh-skee) is a white husky with an affinity for French culture and Victorian English style. He also idealizes Communist Russia.

Though he lives in Florida, he is originally from Charleston, South Carolina. He will often insult any location that is not is hometown. He is working to move to Texas with his mate Razzy.

Ouskie used to be a wolf known as Moonlight Frost. A series of misfortunes, existential breakdowns, and an identity crisis forced him to rethink and re-evaluate his entire life.

Shane Moonfrost is a furry from New Port Richey, Florida. His fursona is a white-wolf puppy called Moonlight Frost. He is an active member of the Tampa Area Furs group.

He is obsessed with European cultures, particularly that of the Victorian era. This obsession led to his discovery of steampunk, another adoration.

Ouskie is heavily into the zombie scene. This is arguably an influence of his ex-mate, Foxer Jay Boxer. Others accredit his zombie-loving to a combination of his Victorian style and the fact of having once found a body in a friend's garage. Whatever the reason, it can easily be said that the kid spends WAY too much time studying death and decay.

Upon meeting Ouskie, he is often regarded as pompous and having a superiority complex. This is a facade he puts on to keep himself safe. By his nature, he is fun loving and spastic. He also has something of a mean streak to those he doesn't particularly care for.

Ouskie is a semi-professional stage-actor and will waste no time in reminding you of this, be it through his wild tangents and random actions, his boisterous nature, or some strange anecdote.

Ouskie is an aspiring furry artist. He has also been banned from official meets[clarify] in both Carolina regions due to not getting along with members of the local community.[citation needed][clarify]

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