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Benji Squirrel, also known as Mizzyam,[1] MisterNivens[2] and Amarimasi (real name Michael Shalapata;[3] born September 21, 1988),[4] is a furry artist who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Benji Squirrel was the creator and administrator of the former Spotted Bunny forums, and has contributed to Softpaw Magazine #4 as Amarimasi.[5]


Benji Squirrel's fursona is a squirel, formerly a male rabbit.


Michael Shalapata was arrested on November 1, 2012, by the Ontario Provincial Police Child Sexual Exploitation Unit and the Hamilton Police Service Internet Child Exploitation Unit. He was charged with making child pornography available, and two counts of possession of child pornography.[4] The arrest came after a month-long Internet child pornography investigation. Four computers and other items were seized.

His Mizzyam Inkbunny account was closed on the evening of November 2. Prior to being taken offline, A person under the name ZoeKitty,[6] claiming to be his sister, informed informed users accessing his account that:

Benji Squirrel
Mizzy will no longer be participating in online activities for an undetermined length of time. I cannot tell anyone why[7]
Benji Squirrel

She also stated that:

Benji Squirrel
He has been suffering for a long time with depression and a debilitating self-destructive streak. This whole CP fiasco is just one more way he has devised to destroy his life, and I'm afraid he may have succeeded this time. We are working hard to clear his name and get him the help he needs to get his life back on track.[6]
Benji Squirrel


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