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MizuOokami (born 1992) is a furry from Perth, Western Australia. His character is an anthropomorphic water-elemental wolf. His name is derived from the Japanese words 'water' and 'wolf', literally translating to 'water wolf'.


MizuOokami's main character and fursona is named Mizu; literally 'water' in Japanese. MizuOokami.jpg

Mizu has gone through many changes since he was first thought up, mainly because he was created before MizuOokami became an active part of the furry fandom.

His form is a slim, fragile, and slightly feminine grey and white wolf. A grey band of fur winds down his left arm, becoming a ring on his wrist, and the same band becomes a spiralling whirlpool-like insignia on his back.

Mizu is literally half water-elemental and half wolf, combining MizuOokami's love for both water and wolves into the one character. As such, Mizu is able to control water in all it's forms. This makes Mizu exceptional at both iceplay and roleplays involving transformation.

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