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Miu is an furry artist best known for his furry erotica media.


Miu is the creator of Peaches and Cream, a pair of cute lesbian furries, and their gay male counterparts P.B. & Jay.[1] Daria McGrain has drawn comics of P.B. & Jay.

Miu currently produces furry artwork for adult furry pay site Club Stripes as well as some guest art for HardBlush, and a few comics in the Cocktails book series.

As of November 2010, Miu announced and opened his own comic website, LuvPeaches.com. The comic mainly centers around Peaches and Cream, their friends and interests, and the world that they live in. Updates Fridays. He has stated it will mostly be a general-audience comic, occasionally touching on more serious or mature topics, and many other characters will be making appearances.


In 2010, a book named Tribute with art by 28 artists was published to help Miu recover financially from his medical complications.[2][3][4]


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