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Mithryanna, also known as Ryn, is a furry artist who lives in Herndon, Virginia, USA.[1] Her fursona is a bobcat.[1][2]


Potato is a character who was created by Mithryanna in June 2015. At Fur the 'More, Mithryanna wore a gryphon head that was created for her by a friend during the chimera challenge, prompting her to make plans for a gryphon fursuit. She returned home and started googling gryphons for ideas, when she stumbled across an image of a potoo gryphon that became the inspiration for Potato.


Potato is a gryphon with the head and wings of a potoo and the body of a cat. It was created in a lab and is technically genderless, though it is most commonly referred to as he/him.

Potato is a very simple creature and possesses only a rudimentary grasp of English grammar and vocabulary. It loves to dance and eat cookies above all else.


The Potato fursuit is being built by Lafete and is still a work in progress as of September 2015.


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