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Mithryanna, also known as Ryn, is a furry artist who lives in Herndon, Virginia, USA.[1] Her fursona is a bobcat.[1][2]


Potato is a character who was created by Mithryanna in June 2015. At Fur the 'More, Mithryanna wore a gryphon head that was created for her by a friend during the chimera challenge, prompting her to make plans for a gryphon fursuit. She returned home and started googling gryphons for ideas, when she stumbled across an image of a potoo gryphon that became the inspiration for Potato.


Potato is a gryphon with the head and wings of a potoo and the body of a cat. It was created in a lab and is technically genderless, though it is most commonly referred to as he/him.

Potato is a very simple creature and possesses only a rudimentary grasp of English grammar and vocabulary. It loves to dance and eat cookies above all else.


The Potato fursuit is being built by Lafete and is still a work in progress as of October 2015. The head is currently wearable but has temporary buckram eyes and a vinyl-covered beak. Final eyes will be tinted plastic lenses and the beak will be cast from rubber.

Potato's first appearance was at the MD Renaissance Festival on October 25, 2015. Only the head was 'finished' (with temporary eyes and beak) so the rest of the character was covered by an orange dragon kigurumi.
Potato with Chiswick at the MD Renaissance Festival, October 25, 2015.


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