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Mississippi Gulf Coast Furs, officially referred to as GulfCoast Furs, is a regional furry group that is located on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.


GulfCoast Furs, not to be confused with Gulf Coast Furs, was founded after previous groups in the area had failed to stay around for a long period of time. In June 2018, the current Telegram group was created and has been very active since then.


GulfCoast Furs is different than a lot of furry groups in the fact that the rules and atmosphere are much more laid back. Due to this, furmeets are very plentiful and there's bound to be people attending even on a short notice. Most meets tend to be dinner nights and more casual social interactions rather than long events at venues like other groups.


Lambert's Trip[edit]

A few times a year, the group will meet up and take the long drive to Lambert's Cafe in Foley, Alabama. People from MobiFurs, South Mississippi Furry Association, and other nearby groups also attend the meet, but it's GulfCoast Furs who actually plans the trip out.

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