Missing Pieces

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Missing Pieces
Author(s) Ash Curry
Update schedule Active
Launch date December 2010
End Date Ongoing
Genre Romantic-Comedy,
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Missing Pieces is a commissioned, furry webcomic written by Ash Curry and illustrated by Cristina Marin. The slice-of-life comic follows the real-life relationship between Ash and her husband, John. Through events that parallel the lives of its creators, the story takes place in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals whose species reflect their personality and/or physical appearance.

The comic currently updates semi-randomly, usually every five to seven days. Strips are presented in traditional grayscale.


The comic began as a Christmas present from Ash to John in 2010. After searching deviantART for weeks, looking for an artist, Ash found Cristina. From there, the comic has grown from the one or two pages it was intended to be, into a full-out webcomic posted on deviantART.

Main characters[edit]

Ashley “Ash” Schlotzsky

  • Ash is a 21-year-old lioness. In the beginning, she lives in Seattle with her father (lion) and the international students her family hosts and works as a nanny. While she loves her job, Ash takes screen-writing classes at SCC and aspires to one day be a published authoress. Her hobbies include attending concerts, drinking Boba Tea and watching anime (especially The Metal Chemist, AKA: Fullmetal Alchemist). Ash also has a bizarre and unexplainable fear of orcas.

John Michael Ray O'Malley

  • John is a 20-year-old mutt dog who works on the road for a remodeling company with his brother, Andrew (dog). Both his parents were military, so John spent a lot of time traveling when he was young and the habit stuck. Serious to a fault, John always had his nose in a book before he found Ash, as such he possesses quite a bit of knowledge... only half of which is actually useful. John comes off scary to some, but in reality, has an enormous heart.


Vig Mignogna appeared briefly as a fox named Mic Vignogna.


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