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Mischief Makers is a fursuit making group that was created in 2011,[1] and operates out of San Diego, California, USA.[2] The team consists of three people under the screen names BongoQueeen, Dago, and Keitel.[1]

The group is famous for creating Majira Strawberry's second fursuit,[clarify] and for winning 1st place in the Professional Suit Maker Category at Further Confusion 2013.[citation needed]

In Media[edit]

In late 2016, they were featured on BBC's Channel 4 in a segment for a show called "World of Weird" where the hosts try different activities that other people do. For this episode, the host, Billie JD Porter went to the studio, and tried on a fursuit. Which resulted in them going out to fursuit, and later on end the segment at a dance party.[3]


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