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Minors Movement is an online furry comedian and aspiring author who lives in the United States. [1] He relies on dark humor and satire for much of his comedy and he relies on dark themes for much of his writing.


Minors' fursona is a panda named Melody. Melody's defining features are her curled hair, heart locket, and Mafia hoodie. Melody is also always depicted with hearted ears. Melody had became the smiling face of Minors Movement only months ago.[when?] Though Melody isn't minors only character. Other characters include Rylee, A chipmunk who is most known for her pink fur, red hair, blue hoodie, and scissor tattoo on her neck. Darean, who is know for her brown fur and hair. Darean was planned to replace Melody after a copyright strike for the character, but after his victory he was able to keep Melody.

Online presence[edit]


Minors originated on Instagram in September, 2014. He has gone through several deletions and disables under different usernames, some of which include xenomeme, draconic.memes, draconic.memes.v2, lux.aux, and lux.av. His last username before "minorsmovement" was wedonotserveminors, which everyone shortened to "Minors", resulting in the name he generally uses. Instagram is where Minors usually spends his time. He creates humorous photos and videos for the public to view. After two years[when?] of posting these, he has befriended many larger accounts on Instagram who helped him gain popularity. His current pages are m.i.n.o.r.s and crossbowexplosivetip


Minors' Twitter page, "RiotCounter", is used for more personal activities and daily humorous tweets. It is there that he is more open about his identity and personal life, though he gives away very little information. This Is also where he shares about his experiences in story writing.


This is where Minors posts sketches and other artwork. He had began to write a storyboard with some of his friends, but the project was scrapped soon after. Now he uses this site as another way to share his dark humor


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