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Minerva Mink is a fictional character in the Animaniacs animated television series. She is an anthropomorphic mink funny animal sex symbol. Her voice was performed by Julie Brown.

Minerva's stock in trade was driving every male, no matter what his species, into glorious wild take-filled Tex Avery-styled conniptions at her beauty. However, when she spots a sexy male, she goes into lustful spasms of her own.

In "Moon Over Minerva", she was courted by a geeky wolf named Wilford B. Wolf who became a gorgeous, muscular Fabio type hunky werewolf when a full moon rose. In "Meet Minerva", a dachshund named Newt (voice of Laugh-In veteran Arte Johnson) is ordered by his master to catch Minerva for her pelt. Foolish Newt becomes smitten with her instead and spends his time trying to capture her heart, catering to her every little whim.

She starred in the least number of shorts of all the ensemble cast, allegedly on account that the content of her shorts was so overtly sexual that it was decided that it would be inappropriate for the intended predominantly young audience. For instance, Minerva is often seen in silhouette in the nude. In "Meet Minerva", the final wild take of Newt climaxes with him bonking himself on the head and developing a long phallic bump, and he is later, a few minutes after getting that wound, seen lifting Minerva between her legs with his head which momentarily makes it appear he is penetrating her with that bump, (although the bump is revealed to be actually gone by then). In the same episode, a frog's eyes pop out into his mouth forming two bumps, his tongue then shoots out, forming a phallic symbol. She was also terribly vain and shallow and probably considered a poor role model for little girls. However, both Minerva and Newt appeared in several issues of the Animaniacs comic book (with the mink's sexuality a bit watered-down, but Newt still his ever-blundering self).

Newt had appeared previously in "Puttin' on the Blitz", set in 1939 Poland, opposite Rita and Runt. There, he was called "Schnappsie" (after schnapps, a sweet German liqueur).

Minerva is featured in the following episodes (Excluding cameos and brief appearances as part of an ensemble cast):

  • Episode 30: Moon over Minerva
  • Episode 54: Meet Minerva

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