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Mindaja is a web application developer living in Metro Detroit, Michigan, USA. In his down time, he writes in many genres, plays paintball, hang-glides, and just generally chills out.

Furry history[edit]

Mindaja got into the furry culture through shows like Thunder Cats and Looney Toons. His interest in furries began to deepen as he gained access to the internet back in the early 1990s, and had access to online games like FurryMUCK, and The Lion King MUCK. Since then, he has gone on to Tapestries MUCK while continuing to stay on TLK_MUCK.

Mindaja has attempted to get further into the artistic side of furry culture, though he cannot draw worth a damn, and also writing, which has culminated in his newest project of creating a living, breathing furry-based world called Crystal Islands, from which he draws his fursona.


Mindaja's fursona is a warrior rabbit named Derik. Derik comes from Crystal Islands, where he is the instructor of the combat school (one of the world's two largest schools), as well as reluctant problem solver across the world.

Derik is not Mindaja's first fursona, having favoured lions up until Derik's emergence in 2000 as the first character in Crystal Islands.

Cons attended[edit]

The conventions Mindaja has been to are far too many to list,[needs further explanation] however he is typically found in a corner, as opposed to being in the center of everything, a holdover from his constant shyness in school and beyond.

Real life[edit]

Outside the furry community, Mindaja is a programmer by trade, having spent fourteen years of his life (as of 2013) developing software for both web and desktop, as well as mobile. His language of choice is Ruby, and web framework of choice is Ruby on Rails. He is working for a young start-up based out of New York, though he continues to stay in Metro Detroit.

Outside of work, Mindaja has been a hang-glider since the early 2000s, and has been playing professional paintball since 2008, having moved around several teams since then.

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