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MILFurs, also known as MilFurs, Military Furs or Military Furries, is a term to describe any furry, or fan of furry interests, that is a present or former, active or reserve, member of a branch of a country's military or armed forces.

The concept of starting a list of MILFurs is credited to furry writer Allen Kitchen on the Usenet group in the late 1990s.

Initially used to describe any furry personnel serving as a United States' Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force or Coast Guard service man or woman only[1], it was later agreed to be expanded to include furs serving, or discharged from, any military force from around the world.

Random comment heard in FurryMUCK's The Purple Nurple:

"The furries and the Army have one thing in common... the Muck..." (author/date unknown)

Military roster[edit]

The following is an incomplete duty roster of former, retired, or reserve MILFurs. Active duty personnel may add themselves to it as long as does not violate OPSEC; please advise any WikiFur duty administrator if any active-duty personnel was added without their knowledge for proper removal from the list:

Con MilFurs[edit]

It used to be customary at early furry convention[citation needed] to have two meetings for military furries, a Saturday morning chow and a Sunday morning panel.[citation needed] Both were typically hosted by Commander Kitsune, along with other panelists.[citation needed]

Here, furries from each branch of the service and also veterans can meet others like them and discuss over food or panels topics of interest.

LJ MilFurs[edit]

The Military Furries LiveJournal community, moderated by Ken Redtail and Commander Kitsune, is open to all furries of all branches of the service, even if they're just reserve.

They accept both active duty and former, whether retired or just completion of obligated service. It has been commonly affectionately referred to as the "Furry American Legion" or "Furry VFW".[citation needed]

The community also accepts members of any military that is currently an ally of the United States of America. Also welcome are furries that are interested in joining the military and wanting to learn more about what the lifestyle entails.

Rules[citation needed] of the community include no military bashing or interbranch bashing with the exception of light military humor. Operational security is strictly enforced by the moderators so as to not endanger the safety of troops.

Military Furs Forum[edit]

On July 17, 2008, the Military Furs Forum was created by Flinch Ferrex. Not intended to replace its LiveJournal community counterpart, it was created to offer another venue for Military Furries.

The forum offers a variety of boards for chatter, discussion and debate, role-playing, and artwork both military and non-military in nature.

Like the LJ Community, the forum is open to military members of all branches in the United States or any of its allies, be they currently serving, retired, or discharged. Unlike the LJ Community, this forum does not give membership to civilians, military spouses, or military dependants as it was created solely for military members.

Furs with Bad Conduct or Dishonorable discharges are discouraged from joining, but are not banned from the forum.[citation needed]


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Real name Furry name or handle Branch Country Status Species Notes Confirmed (Curators only) Article (Curators only)
Wendell Oliver Washer n/a US Army USA Discharged n/a Yes Yes
Miyagami Noriko Ayukawataur US Army USA Discharged Felitaur Yes Yes
 ? Jaden Heartdancer US Army USA Discharged Wolf/Lamb Yes Yes
Robert Newell Bobcatt US Army USA Bobcat Yes Yes
Jason Brooks Kasan US Air Force USA Medical Discharge Snow Leopard Yes Yes
 ? Fluke Husky US Air Force USA  ? Husky No data
 ? Ken Redtail US Navy USA Discharged Fox Yes Yes
Richard F. Thatcher Tree Rat/RoadRodent US Air Force USA Military retiree Yes Yes
Steve Carter Esteban US Air Force USA Honorably retired Mouse Yes Yes
Reagan Lodge Sulaco United States Marine Corps USA Discharged Yes Yes
n/a Hyenafur US Army National Guard/US Navy Reserves USA  ?/? Brown Hyena Yes Yes
Alexander Ben Owens Primacorza US Marine Corp USA Deceased Cougar Non-combat death Yes Yes
Allen Kitchen Shockwave US Air Force USA Discharged Wolf Yes Yes
Dan Poore Cybertigr US Navy USA Discharged Dragon Yes None
n/a Brutus D. Bernard US Army USA Active Saint Bernard Yes Yes
n/a Kamau D. Lyon US Navy/US Navy Reserves USA Discharged (Honorable)/Active(1) Barbary lion (1) US Navy IRR Yes Yes
n/a Swift Fox US Navy Reserves USA Discharged (Honorable) Fox Yes Yes
Robert Jauss Atoro US Army USA Discharged (General) Fox Yes Yes
Marion Skydancer Azure US Navy USA Discharged (Honorable) Dragon Yes Yes
Urpo Lankinen Weyfour WWWWolf Finnish Defence Forces Finland Discharged Wolf Yes Yes
Larry Wise Commander Kitsune US Navy USA Discharged (Honorable) Fox (kitsune) Military retiree Yes Yes
John Antilety IonOtter US Navy /Sealift Command USA Discharged/Active Otter Yes Yes
John Hey Timm Woolfe US Marine Corp USA Discharged (Honorable) Wolf Yes Yes
Bob M. Guthrie Spirou US Navy/USNR USA Discharged/Discharged (Honorable) n/a Yes Yes
Dwight J. Dutton Custer J. Winston US Army USA Discharged (Honorable)  ? Military retiree Yes Yes
Kenneth Baker Gen.Talon US Army USA Discharged (Honorable) Otter Yes None
Henry Bestwick Waarhorse US Army/California Air National Guard USA Discharged (Honorable)/Discharged (Honorable) Horse Yes Yes
Tim A. Fitelson  ? US Navy USA Discharged (Honorable)  ? Yes Yes
Phil Turner Tech Tygr US Marine Corps USA Discharged (Honorable) Tiger Yes None
n/a ShadowFox US Marine Corps USA Discharged Grey Fox Yes Yes
Robert McGinnis Kengi Stargazer US Army USA Discharged (Medical) Tiger/Snow Leopard Combat Injuries Yes None
n/a Navyraptor (Sidewinder) US Navy USA Active Dracoraptor Yes Yes
Scott Malcomson Roy Calbeck US Army USA Discharged Unicorn Yes Yes
n/a Chiclet Cheetah Canadian Navy Reserves Canada Active Cheetah Yes
Douglas KuddlKat n/a US Navy USA Discharged Cat Yes
n/a Lhayn Pony US Army USA Discharged Pony Yes
Jesse Cizkaro US Navy USA Discharged Arctic Fox Yes
n/a Zwabbe Royal Australian Navy AUS Active Snowleopard Yes
Christopher Stroud SigmaWolf US Air Force USA Active Wolf Yes
Hayley Flinch Ferrex US Army USA Discharged (Honorable) Black-Footed Ferret Yes
LDC Kalta Desmon US Army USA Active Blackfox Yes
n/a Lokidragon US Air Force USA Discharged Dragon Yes
n/a Nanakifox US Army USA  ? Fox Yes
 ? QBKebauet US Navy USA/Germany Active Tiger Yes None
Charles Vega VegaGuy US Air Force USA Active Wolf Yes
n/a Tokon Folf US Army USA Active Folf Yes
 ? Tyrrlin US Army/US Army National Guard USA Discharged (Honorable)/Discharged (Honorable) Gryphon Yes
n/a Sjach Dragonkin US Air Force USA Active Dragon Yes
Alex Fischer Kender3421 US Navy USA Discharged Dingo Yes
Jessica Gadgett Online US Army USA Active Golden Fox Yes
n/a Kanic US Army National Guard USA Active German Shepherd Yes
David P. Cannon Tansil US Navy USA Discharged (Honorable) Silverskunk Yes
Steve Gallacci n/a US Air Force USA Discharged n/a Yes
Catherine Place Marsua Solaris US Air Force USA Discharged Winged Jolf Yes
Ted Sheppard Shep US Marine Corps/US Army National Guard USA Discharged n/a Yes
Matt Klabunde MattK1989 US Navy USA Discharged Grey Wolf Yes
Ryan Abbott Margaras US Army USA Deceased Linx Non-combat death Yes
Allen Fishbeck n/a US Army USA Discharged (Honorable)  ? Yes
Allan Greenwald Lupine Assassin US Army USA Discharged (*) Wolf (*) ELS separation Yes Yes
n/a D.O.P.R US Army National Guard USA Discharged Dragon Yes
Brian Kinnison Snowdog US Air Force USA Discharged  ? Yes
B.M.S. ShmiboWolf US Army USA Active Wolf Yes
Greg Bear n/a US Navy USA Discharged  ? née Greg Spagnola Yes Yes
JenR Danger Potato US Army Reserves USA Discharged (Honorable) Oni Draft Mule OIF Vet, U.S. Army Ordnance Corps Yes Yes
n/a Zach MacHeel US Navy USA Active Wolf No data
Gabriel Couch Auraan US Army USA Active Jackal No data
 ? Skylar Rayn US Marine Corps USA Active Horse/Bear Hybrid No data
 ? Valkerie Asura US Air Force USA Discharged (Medical) Mithra No data
Jason Lindsey Vex US Army National Guard USA Discharged German Shepherd Wolf hound No data
 ? Chillimac US Navy USA  ? Bear/Wolf hybrid No data
Kana Clawson  ? US Air Force USA  ? Cat No data
 ? Mak US Army USA Active Wolf No data
 ? Four-eyes US Navy USA  ? Wolf No data
James Mouton Mooty Moo US Navy USA Discharged Pit Bull No data
 ? Cat US Army USA Discharged Cat No data
Dale Farmer  ? US Navy USA  ? Bear
 ? Georgie US Air Air Force USA  ? Skunk
 ? Kit an Amaideach Sionnach US Army/USCG USA Discharged/Active Kitsune (Fox)
 ? Smirk US Air Force USA active Cougar
D. E. Miller, Jr. LionkingCMSL US Army National Guard USA  ? Lion
 ? Cy Neko US Marine Corp USA  ? Japanese Bobtail
WDM Grell Mcaff US Army USA  ? Maine Coon/Bear
 ? Sable Drakon US Army USA Discharged Gryphon
 ? AngelWolf USMC / ARNG USA Discharged Winged Wolf
 ? Wastrel US Army USA  ? Pholf
Paul Bennet RaF US Air Force USA  ?  ?
 ? Squirrelly US Army USA  ? Dog
F. R. Clark Lappoy Sindathol US Navy USA  ? Centaur
 ? Wolffpax US Navy USA  ? Wolf
C. L. Basso Ffang US Navy USA  ? Caracal
 ? FurryWurry US Air Force USA Discharged Tiger
 ? Nrasser US Army USA  ? Snow Leopard
 ? Zarkel US Navy USA  ? Dragon
 ? Barbarian US Air Force USA  ? Dog
 ? RockyR US Army USA  ? Raccoon
 ? Hunter Caribou US Air Force USA  ? Deer
 ? Jade US Navy USA Active Nekotenshi
D. Jean Cooper Ambergold Wolfeyes US Air Force USA  ? Wolf
Wheeler Tarns US Navy USA Active Giant Fox
Raymond Powell Janus Raine US Air Force USA Active North American Grey Wolf
 ? Jayce Rebel US Air Force USA Active Dragonwolf
Nick Aeris N Fox US Navy USA Active Fox
Kenneth Wilson KensterFox US Air Force USA Discharged Red Fox
Rose Wilson Kasia Sundreamer US Air Force USA Active Pernese Fire-lizard
 ? Cougar2k2 US Army Reserves USA Active Cougar/Puma/Mountain Lion
Daniel Mitchell Evo Imako US Army National Guard USA Discharged Fox
Brett Costabile Kaezon US Army USA Active Kasere(Tree Cat)
 ? Foxious Kit US Army Reserves USA Active Fox
 ? Reyu Zenfold US Navy USA Discharged Black Fox
Matt Jee Lostfox249 US Marine Corps USA Discharged Red Fox
Eric Robinson Jedediah Angel US Army USA Active Jackalope
 ? SGTRedfield US Army National Guard USA Active Paint Mustang
n/a Banshee US Marine Corps USA Discharged Blue Husky
 ? CalebOkami US Navy USA Active Hellhound
Christopher Brucker Togo US Air Force Reserve USA Active Wolf
Blake Crahan Fell Blackpaw US Navy USA Future Sailor Fox/Coyote
 ? Poompow US Army USA Active Badger
Tristan Cutting Applebrandy US Army USA Active Nightstalker Signal Corps
Michael Carroll Ka'eo Ó Coileáin US Navy USA Active Tigershark No data
Kyle Klemmer PO3 Novikov/Zerroch US Navy USA Active Coyote
Kandahar Brewer Marinelaqs US Army USA Active Wolf
Blake Gardner Azurnight/Gavinka US Marines USA Active Wolf/Folf
Andrew Kim Soronix US Navy USA Discharged (Honorable) Wolf
n/a Harui US Army Reserves USA Honorable discharge Blue Dragon OIF Vet, U.S. Army Ordnance Corps
 ? Axee US Army USA Active Duty Lion
BUCN EGO King Nikos US Navy USA Active Duty Fennic Fox SeaBee
D.B. Master Yi US Marine Corps USA Active Duty Chupacabra
 ? Alekai Cottontail @AlekaiC4711 US Navy USA Active Duty Caribou-Dragon
N/A Bloodstripe Bear @BloodStripeBear USMC USA Honorable Discharge Man Bear
Sam Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Canada Active Duty Cheetah Cadet Petty Officer 1st class
RC Azure Paragon @Octazure US Army USA Active Duty Skydragon
N/A Skye Wilde @SkyetheGunFox US Army USA Active Duty Fox
Alex Wang Rexy @Wolfy_Rexy Canadian Armed Forces Canada Reserve Active Duty Wolf Infantry Yes
N/A Aster-Meister US Air Force USA Active Duty Protogen Security Forces