Miles Hyena Sauber

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Miles Hyena Sauber
Cookie-4G's fursuit

Miles Hyena Sauber, also known as Cookie-4G, (born in Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Michigan, USA, with a second place of residence in NewYork.

Miles draws furry art from time to time in his occasional "Free Art Raffles".


Miles' fursona, created in early 2006, is a pink hyena with a rainbow mohawk, lots of black spots, and a tribal marking on his arm. His initial fursona was a white wolf, but was soon discarded as not being original enough.


Miles' fursuit, Cookie-4G, is a fox-Welsh corgi hybrid constructed in 2009 under the name Cookie, Later Adopted by Miles Hyena Sauber in 2013, The name was Changed to Cookie-4G to modernize the character.

Cookie-4G debuted at Anthrocon 2013 and was featured as an extra in Oz Kangaroo's Anthrocon 2013 video.[1]

Cookie 4G was upgraded in 2015 to Cookie 4G LTE with a new suit made by Green Fox Fursuits in California.[2]


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