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Mike "Yote" Sano, also known as Mikeyote, or coyotoy on IRC[1] (born July 1, 1981),[2] is a coyote fursuiter who lives in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.[3]

Yote has known about the furry fandom since the early-to-mid 1990s,[4] but feels he has been a furry all his life.

Plushies and Furries[edit]

Yote was the main subject of Rick Castro's documentary Plushies and Furries. After the airing of the program, an anonymous user on Pressed Fur posted e-mails purportedly from Yote, saying "it was all faked and made up by pyewacket so that he could have drama and a story".[5]

In 2004, it was reported on Crush Yiff Destroy that Ash Cairo had created a deck of furry-themed playing cards.[6] In the suit of spades (reserved for "OMG ANTIFURRIES"), Yote was assigned the Eight.


Yote helps his mate, RedXIX, build fursuits. Costumes that they have collaborated on include Mojave (a coyote)[7] and Tabitha (a bat).[8]


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