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Mike Folf, as drawn by himself.

Mike Folf (complete alias Michael Adonis Rebrekal Folf), is a freelance furry artist who resides in Northern California, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Mike first heard of the fandom upon watching a video of America Sings in a Disneyland fan forum. Developing a fondness for the animal characters in the old attraction, he was subsequently referred to the fandom by a fellow furry on the forum. Shortly afterwards Mike developed an interest in the furry fandom. After two years of remaining in the sidelines and occasionally chatting on sites such as Furtopia, he "jumped in" to the fandom and formed his folf fursona.

Michael Folf has since developed a prolific presence online via twitter, pursuing artwork, and interacting in the local furry community. He has been volunteering as part of Further Confusion's Programming since 2012. He has been known to frequently say "marf", a term he had acquired from Pawpets early in his involvement.


Mike is a folf, a fox-wolf hybrid, and often claims to be his own geographical breed - the Californian Folf (C. Lupus Vulpes Americanus Califius).


On April 17, 2011 Mike entered into cartooning with his collaboration on Valleydog[1]. This silently ended in early 2015 as Mike began work on another project, CanisVulpes Elevations

Event Planning[edit]

Mike has been involved with Further Confusion's Programming team since 2013, becoming part of the executive team in 2017. He also organized Midwest Furflight that very same year. In 2018, he left his role at Further Confusion in order to focus entirely on FurFlight operations.


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