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Mike Bonales is a European Spanish traditional artist which draws art and comics of furry interest.


As a teenager, Mike Bonales manages to publish some early work, getting little benefit but "great artistic satisfaction." After graduating from high school, he starts to stumble through life, and spends a 4 years "sabbatical" to study Graphic Design, while doing some freelance illustration. The circumstances of life lead him to work as web designer and publish a strip called Polo Sur (South Pole).

Thanks to this work, he enters the comics scene, publishing in various media and doing various jobs: some strips for MAD magazine, strips for the BlueBBVA 'sblog ... then decides to throw the house out the window and do a daily strip for the series "South Pole".

Conejo Frustrado[edit]

As the experience of webcomics is quite satisfactory, he began to publish a new webcomic called Conejo Frustrado (Frustrated Rabbit), with one strip appearing in MAD magazine.

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