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MikasiWolf is a Singaporean artist and writer. He lives in Singapore with his dog Taro, and his fursona is Zarker, an elite wolf soldier.


Mikasi found out about the furry fandom in 2007. In October, 2008, he drew his first anthro character. His preferred media are hard and soft pastels, pencils, acrylic paints, and (since 2012) digital art. He had worked on a comic strip.

Mikasi has been writing since 2007, though his first furry fiction work was only completed in 2010; it tells of the adventures of several apprentices on a journey. He had his first story selected by FurPlanet for the Punked anthology in 2013, and continuously ponders worlds in which anthropomorphics play a major role.

He published the following works.


Mikasi is interested in anthropomorphic animals and creation myths involving them (e.g. Coyote and Raven). He enjoys talking about writing and art, the latter of which is now seconded to wordcraft.

Mikasi's favorite animals are wolves, badgers and otters.

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