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Midwest Furflight was an event involving furries booking as a group on a round trip commercial airplane flight to Midwest FurFest 2017 from the San Francisco Bay Area. This event was notable in having the support of airport and airline staff allowing fursuiting in the terminal and in the flights themselves. At least 66 furries were on the plane, with additional furries having booked separately and unknowing of the group[1], effectively taking majority of the 119-seat plane.

Midwest Furflight Logo

Flight Details[edit]

The flight was organized by Mike Folf under CanisVulpes and booked on Virgin America, picked specifically for its marketed party vibe[2]. The 66 furries were divided as follows:

  • 56 in coach
  • 5 in premium economy (marketed as Main Cabin Select)
  • 5 in first class

While based in San Francisco International Airport, Midwest Furflight attracted furries from Seattle, Southern California, Las Vegas, and further places such as Singapore and Washington DC[3]

Fursuiters were escorted by security into their own priority line to expedite the screening process, with suiting permitted afterwards. Furries were also given their own boarding group after first class. This unsurprisingly managed to catch the eye of several passing passengers, one of which posted on and briefly made the front page of reddit. Due to a failure to achieve any direct contact with O'Hare officials, fursuiting wasn't permitted in the latter airport with all suiters having to take the heads off when out of the plan. While there were preventative actions taken out of concerns of causing incidents in flight, none happened and both flights were civil and self-enforced [4].

Furflight passengers were also given a collectible luggage tag and Mary Mouse Certified Midwest FurFlyer badge.

Future Flights[edit]

Given the overwhelmingly positive reception from this, there have been plans to reprise this for next year with other communities wanting to form their own, and to other conventions.


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External Links[edit]

  • Midwest Furflight Information page, detailing the flight and its conception.
  • #MWFurFlight twitter hashtag used during the trip, containing tweets and photos from the furry passengers.