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Midnight, by Jaga Grey Fox.

Midnight Angel is a fursuiter from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. His fursona is black fox with red, tiger-like stripes. Black and red are both "Midnight Angel's" favorite colors. As some may see that as kinda blah and bland, to him it represents his Spirituality as well as using color symbolism it connects with him Spiritually. With red meaning power, he believes he has power over his choices in life and is strong both physically and Spiritually. With black meaning the color of the night, it represents his mysterious yet unpredictible personality.

Involvement in the Furry Fandom[edit]

Midnight Angel has been involved in the fandom since the 8th grade. However he was introduced to furries at a younger age. At age 10 he first started to enjoy what anime lovers call "Nekos" which are half human-half animal creatures. In 7th grade, two of his close neighborhood friends convinced him into playing a game called "Second Life". Within the game, both said "friends" were seen as a fox and wolf character and spoke very little about furries, yet neither of them helped him create a fursona. A year later, a friend within the game was able to give him money to which he created his first fursona which was indeed a wolf at the time. It wasn't until between the summer of 9th and 10th grade to which he made his fursona Midnight Angel.

How the name "Midnight Angel" happened[edit]

As most of his close friends know, he is most active at night rather than the morning hours. When people ask, he gives them a quick somewhat non-true reason. He normally says that he loves the time midnight as that is when everything is peaceful. The way he helps his friends with advice, situations or just to take away the boredom he considers himself at times a lone angel like being.

However the real reason came from his favorite anime Great Teacher Onizuka. In which the main character was part of an infamous biker gang called Bousou Tenshi which in turn means Berserk Angels but within the anime they switched it to Midnight Angel. The Midnight Angels roared the streets at night with their motorcycles and defeating any opponent that stood in their way as they were considered gods.

What is with the name "Midnight Rants"?[edit]

Some know Midnight Angel as a very funny and laid back furry. When he spends time with his friends, telling jokes and ranting about things happens by itself causing him to have his friends laughing hysterically almost in tears. Yet only a few have actually said to him "Yo! you should be a stand up comic or something dude". The idea has come up plenty of times to give it a try and possibly do it, but with the fact with mild stage fright the chances of doing so won't be so high.

After watching many youtube channels such as "Tobuscus", "Fluffetalks", "RoosterTeeth", and "nigahiga" as well as listening to his favorite comedian 2 Gryphon he has decided to one day hopefully have the time as well as ideas to create a youtube channel in which he can show off his creativity as well as his jokes and rants.

Fursona Details[edit]

  • Sex: Male
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Height: 5ft 11inches
  • Tail Length: about 2-2.5 feet
  • Coloring: Black Fur with blood red tiger stripes going down the back, legs, arms, and on the muzzle a little. Has red ear tips and red paw pads as well as somewhat bright red bits.

Midnight Angel's fursona was created off of trial and error on second life. Though the personality comes from something different. (Under Construction)


Midnight Angel has attended only a few furry con's and meets. The cons he attended were Anthrocon, Fur Affinity: United and Furstivus. Midnight Angel also attends local hang outs and meets such as the Delaware Furbowl

Midnight's fursuit was created by Nightfell.

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