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Michael "Micky" J. Quirrel is the titular character and main protagonist of The Asylum of the Devitory's original fiction, Reckless Micky.

Physical attributes[edit]

  • D.o.B.: Aug. 13, 1975
  • Species: Squirrel
  • Height: 4' 0" (122 cm)
  • Weight: 85 Lbs (38.6 kg)
  • Hometown: New York City, USA


  • High level of stamina
  • Highly trained in both armed and unarmed combat
  • Scaling rough or permeable walls and ceilings
  • Lethal marksmaship with light weapons
  • Efficient usage of all kinds of weaponry
  • Extensive knowledge of improvisational weaponry
  • Daredevil tactics/Impulse action

Personality and Backstory[edit]

While his mental stability is sometimes questionable, Micky is level-headed enough in a dangerous situation to survive. Usually carefree (and sometimes annoying), Micky very rarely lets his sensitive side show. Having long lost his parents and family, Micky was trained at a young age in a military reserve boarding school all the way to adulthood- which he is very tight-lipped about. During his tenure with the NYPD, he was known and sometimes feared as a reckless psychopath, willing to do pretty much anything necessary to finish an operation- ranging from dangerous to almost suicidal methods.

Micky in the stories[edit]

Reckless Micky: Vendetta[edit]

Year 2000. An Ex-NYPD officer, Micky was fired after pursuing a drug dealer in an extremely reckless car chase. After learning the true circumstances surrounding his sister's death, Micky engages himself in a one-man war against the New York underworld.

Reckless Micky: Bloodlines[edit]

Takes place in 2005.

Reckless Micky 3 (working title)[edit]

No details available

Reckless Micky 4 (working title)[edit]

No details available

Reckless Micky 5 (working title)[edit]

No details available

Untitled Reckless Micky story[edit]

The untitled Reckless Micky story, according to Asylum, will not follow the events of Reckless Micky 5.