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Michel Gagné (born 1965 in Quebec) is a French-Canadian animator best known for his highly unusual art style. While capable of realism, he specializes in creatures with wildly exaggerated and unexpected features, such as monsters with mouths larger than the rest of their bodies, wisps of black shadow, or things with little definite form apart from eye stalks and tendrils.

Some of Gagné's most credits include the animated films Osmosis Jones, The Iron Giant, and Quest for Camelot, the comic book series Zed, and such books as A Search For Meaning, Insanely Twisted Rabbits, and Frenzied Fauna.


Gagné was a guest of honor at Anthrocon 2004, and contributed cover art for the conbook. He gave art and animation tips in workshops and offered his demo reel DVD Prelude to Eden and print titles for sale.

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